syracuse bee removal

Syracuse Bee Removal

Whether it’s bumble bees, paper wasps, yellow jackets or bald-faced hornets, Bugs Bee Gone is here to help with your bee and wasp problems. We are the bee removal experts in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding Central New York area. Our experienced beekeepers are equipped with protective clothing so that a minimum use of pesticide (sometimes none at all) is required for control. And Bugs Bee Gone always uses unmarked vehicles.

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Bee and Wasp Control Services

* Minimum use of pesticides * – Bugs Bee Gone bee specialists wear protective clothing. This means that sometimes no pesticides are required for insect nest removal.

  • Bee and wasp preventative treatment
  • Spot treatment extermination (emergency service available)
  • Sealing off common nesting sites and entry points
  • Residential or commercial properties
  • Yearly contracts – schedule appointments ahead for peace of mind
  • And more! Call or email for all our services

Hire the Bee Experts

If you realize that their is a bee or wasp problem in your house, it is important that you do not try to kill them yourself. Nests can be home to thousands of bees, and killing the colony will result in rot of the biomass and fermentation of the honey stores. Also, do not attempt to seal entrances to nests coming into a home. Sealing them in before a proper removal can push the colony inside your home.

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