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Syracuse Bed Bug Exterminator

Bedbugs are perhaps our most difficult pest to eliminate. They have shown an increasing resistance to many pesticides and have an elusive and transient nature. They are natural hitchhikers and relocate themselves easily. If they have one weakness, it is heat, when exposed to temperatures over 115 degrees they will quickly perish, including eggs.

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Bed Bug Pest Control Services

Possible Treatments Include:

  • A thorough and professional steam cleaning
  • Contact chemical applications in cracks and crevices * Minimum use of pesticides *
  • Residual dusting in wall cavities, carpet edges etc.
  • Thermal remediation. This can be the entire structure, individual rooms, or small areas with lots of clutter and possessions (closets)
  • Yearly contracts – schedule appointments ahead for peace of mind
  • And more! Call or email for all our services
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Bugs Bee Gone is Central New York’s exterminator of choice for bed bugs

Our approach is a combination of low-vapor steaming, chemicals, and a residual dusting. This combination of green technologies and residual pesticides provides immediate results with long-term benefits.

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